Why Do People Wear Toe Rings Now A Days

If there is one law that never changes, it’s the fact that all women want to look their best. However, it’s not enough for them for their body and face to look good, they want to look good from their head to their toes. With that being said, it is easy to answer the question, why do people wear toe rings? In the world of fashion, toe rings have become a hot item for many different reasons. So why do people wear toe rings? The answer lies in many different places and differs from girl to girl. The reason for your girl wearing toe rings can be different from your friend’s girlfriend’s reason.

No matter what kind of girl you are talking about, you can bet the bank on one thing, she wants to look good. However, unlike guys, girls like to look good all over their body, and when I say all over, I mean all over. Sometimes they will spend hours making a part of their body look great that people are never even going to see. Most men do not care about the way their feet look, but most girls do. I think this is because most men do not wear open toe shoes, and women do. Thus, we get to my first reason on why people wear toe rings, open toe shoes. When you are walking around in open toe shoes you are showing people a part of your body that normal they would not see. Women wear open toe shoes all the time, and men usually do not, however, I would like to point out that even if men did where open toe shoes (for whatever strange reason), most of them would still not wear toe rings.

Reason number two that answers the question why do people wear two rings, is the fact that women like pretty things. Anything that is even semi-cute or sexy, women want, nay, have to have! Women always want to look their best, and if one part of them is not looking sexy, they feel like their whole body is not looking good. So to answer that ever puzzling question on why do people wear toe rings, you have to look at the simple fact that most women just wear them, because they are pretty. Yes, just because they are pretty. I have asked many women, why do people wear toe rings, and I always get the same answer, “Because they are pretty.” Although men are not usually going to wear something just because it’s “pretty,” we are not going to make fun of the women for doing this. After all, they are the gate keepers, and you do not want to make them mad (you may end up sleeping in the backyard).

So why do people wear toe rings? Is it because they want their feet to look good, or just because it’s pretty? Maybe a little bit of both, or for a different reason all together. No matter what the answer is, one fact remains, toe rings are a big part of fashion. Although this is a fashion statement that you can not always see, it’s still a top seller. For any ladies that may be reading this, I have a little bit of news for you, most men ( I said most, because there are some “different” people out there) are not going to be paying attention to your feet.

Author: Melinda

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