Wedding Shoez

wedding shoes: 3 ideas to make a statement with your footwear

Wedding Shoez

For many brides their wedding day is all about the dress. From a young age girls fantasize about their perfect day, the venue, their hair, and of course the dress. Today’s brides are encouraged to put their personal stamp on every detail and with the creation of websites such as Pinterest, their options are endless. Wedding shoes have traditionally been limited to basic and somewhat bland styles. However, those days are over. Wedding footwear is the perfect way for a bride to express herself and to celebrate her individual style.

Your footwear doesn’t have to be boring. Jazz things up and use your shoes to show off your individual style.

1. Add a splash of color!

Shoes come in a kaleidoscope of colors. Why should you be limited to shades of white? Perhaps your wedding shoes could be your something blue. Or you could incorporate your wedding colors into your footwear. This is your day, if you want to wear vibrant colored shoes you should go for it.

2. Consider nontraditional options.

If you are looking for something outside the box consider wearing nontraditional shoes such as cowboy boots, ballet shoes, and converse.

Every bride has a style all her own and choosing to wear something outside the norm is fun and can be very memorable.

3. Consider nontraditional options.

If you are looking for something truly unique why not consider designing your own wedding shoes. There are several online retailers that allow you to customize, design and personalize your own shoes. You could and the color, glitz, and even the calligraphy of your choice. Options are unlimited and for the fashion-forward bride, designing your own shoes might be a dream come true.

Today’s brides have a lot to look forward to on their big day, and having stylish shoes only adds to the day’s fun.

What do your perfect wedding shoes look like?

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