Keep Yourself in Shape with an Extreme Sport

Modern society is very health conscious which could be the reason why many people are finding new and exciting ways to keep fit and in shape. Instead of heading to the gym on a daily basis, many people are taking up an extreme sport. This not only provides exercise, but it is a great adrenaline rush that cannot be had when running on a treadmill in a sweaty gym.

Rock climbing has been one of the popular extreme sport choices for people looking to maintain their weight and stay fit. The nice thing about this sport is that it can be done in the gym and outdoors. People who have taken up rock climbing travel around the world to tackle some of the greatest climbs. In South Thailand, rock climbing is very popular and many people will book cheap flights to Phuket to venture out on a rock climbing expedition. Rock climbing can provide many benefits for the body. Aside from building lean muscle, the sport is a great cardiovascular workout.

Mountain biking is another extreme sport that is taken up to keep in shape. Instead of riding a stationary bike, people are hitting the trails on their bike, enjoying the natural surroundings while getting a great workout. Mountain biking can be done in various levels. There are trails designed for the beginner rider and others for those who have a lot of experience. Choosing the difficulty of a trail or course will depend on your strength, endurance and stamina.

For those who live in the tropics, surfing is a sport that will provide an ultimate rush while keeping the body in shape. This sport looks fun and appears as though no effort is needed. However, when you get out there, you will realize it is anything but easy. Surfing is exhausting and burns a lot of body fat.

Scuba diving is usually thought of as a leisure activity that is done at a beach resort. While this can be true, this is actually considered to be an extreme sport and it can help you lose weight and stay in shape. Scuba diving will allow the body to burn as many as 490 calories per hour.

Skiing and snowboarding are both fun winter sports that can help you shed a few pounds. Most people have trouble sticking to an exercise regime during the winter months. By taking up skiing or snowboarding, you will get the exercise you need and will tone muscles that you didn’t know exist! Skiing can burn 500 calories an hour while cross-country skiing can burn 560. Light snowboarders can expect to burn 367 calories in an hour while the more experienced boarders can get rid of 588 an hour.

No matter what your preference is, an extreme sport can be adventurous, fun and beneficial to your health. Exercise does not have to be boring and mundane. Many people are getting out of the gym and into extreme sports to keep in shape and burn off some extra calories.

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