How to make 1000 dollars a day with event blogging with attached proof 2020

How to make 1000 dollars a day with event blogging with attached proof 2020 What is event blogging: Event blogging means writing a post in your blog related to events which are coming in futures. Event can be anything which is celebrated globally. Event blogging a short term method to make 1000 dollar a day with attached proof.

How to make 1000 dollars a day with event blogging with attached proof 2018

Many people think what an event blogging is and can we make good money from event blogging .so; in this article I am explaining the method by which you can earn 1000 dollar per day by doing event blogging. If you are working on an event blog and you want to how to rank your event blog read the full articles.

India is a country of festival many festivals comes every month and there are many festivals which are celebrated globally example new year, Christmas etc. If you had made a blog on festival keyword then trust me friends you will get views in millions per day. IN event blogging traffic will not come throughout the year but within 2 to 3 month when the festival is near you will earn a very good amount by during event blogging.

Example: Happy New Year 2020 is near if you able to rank any keyword related to happy New Year such as New Year wishes, New Year messages etc. you will receive millions of traffic per day. If you know how to do keyword research on any events you will earn more than 1000 $ per day. But remember event blogging is a short term method if you want to make good money in short time then event blogging is the best option.

Event blogging on happy New Year 2020: New Year keywords are mostly search on December 2019 and in January 2020 and after that the search will be very less. Suppose you are receiving 100000 page views per day then anyhow minimum you will earn 100 $ and when the traffic will be 1000000 views per day you will earn minimum 1000$ and getting 10 lakh view per day is very easy during the event period.

How to check the difficulty on keyword: suppose you want to check the difficulty on new year wishes then search the keyword new year wishes by placing the keyword in the double comma “new year wishes “if the search result is below 50,000 then it is easy to rank your blog but if it is more than 60000 then it is difficult to rank your blog in Google search engine. Remember event blogging need time and effort of that level after you have chosen a good keyword. Event blogging is not so complicated but also not so easy it need knowledge, time, effort and keyword researching. When you search online first URL link open with website name 123newyear. ‘Use event blogging method to make 1000 dollar a day with attached proof’

Keyword researching on happy New Year keyword with 123newyear website: you can use Google and ahref tool to find the difficulty and to do research on the keyword. In Below image you can the total number of search per month is 159000 globally and in a year the total search will be 1908000 globally, you can also see the traffic, completion, backlink and socially link to the website 123newyear.Below is the detail, so by following the above steps you can “ Make 1000 dollar from event blogging “

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