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where’s the best place to live? is it better to be a country girl or a city girl?

Life is full of big decisions: where to go to school, which career to choose, whom to marry, and where to live. Important aspects to consider when determining your ideal home include the place’s opportunity for your career, its compatibility with your lifestyle, and its overall climate, among other things. While moving across the country this week, I couldn’t help but wonder which in general is the better place to live, the country or the city.

In the children’s fable “The Country Mouse and the City Mouse,” the country mouse visits the city, abruptly experiences culture shock, and ultimately decides to return to the country. This made me wonder if a country mouse can become a city mouse, or if we are all destined to feel more at home in surroundings similar to those experienced during our youth.

As a girl who has lived in both rural areas and big cities, I can affirm that each location has its benefits and its draw-backs.

The city is fast-paced, exciting, cultured, and chalk-full of things to do and places to explore. The country is relaxed, peaceful, private, and intimate.

On the down side, big cities are often accompanied by higher crime rates, increased taxes, more traffic, and a higher cost of living. The country often requires a longer commute and offers fewer jobs, restaurants, and shops in close proximity.

Much like the country mouse, I grew up in a small town; after moving to the “big city,” I have ultimately decided that I prefer country living.

I love the simplicity of the country and its proximity to nature. I enjoy the outdoors and feel much more connected to my surroundings when I live in a rural area.

Where would you prefer to live? Are you a country girl or a city girl? I would love to hear from you and learn where you prefer to live and what your reasons are. :)