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travel spotlight: Stockholm

Tucked into the heart of Scandinavia, Stockholm is a walking anomaly. As the capital city of Sweden, it is a hub of culture and sits on the cutting edge of environmental policy and technological advancements. Its distinctly modern ethos is balanced by historic architecture and the age-old traditions that define much of the social customs of the city. It is temperate by Scandinavian standards… And yet gets only 6 hours of sunlight during the winter.

This contrarian attitude is reflected in the distinct style that graces the streets of Stockholm. Warm coats and cosy hats provide the outer shell, protecting the fun, quirky style beneath. Below, take a look at a few of the staples of Sweden’s capital city:



Chilly dates can give a bite to Stockholm weather even during the springtime, so most residents like to keep a hat on hand. Fun textures, like this faux-fur, and eccentric colors (how gorgeous is this shock of blue?!) add a pop of color to any ensemble… Even if you’re bundled up!



Long jackets have taken Stockholm by storm. The length might be practical, but it also exudes class. Even paired with a tee shirt and jeans, calf-length coats add an element of luxury to an ensemble. Its also versatile, providing the perfect complement whether you’re heading out for a night with friends or walking into a work meeting.

rags_cropped black


Audrey Hepburn’s iconic style is back in full force in Stockholm! Slim or skinny black pants are the go-to trousers for most ladies; cut just above the ankle, the trend adds a hint of distinction to the classic look. This silhouette is a perfect way to flatter any body type, while drawing attention to other accents. Whip out your bombshell boots and hat… And let these subtle yet stunning pants complement the ensemble!

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Easy on, easy off. This versatile boot is ideal for Stockholm’s unpredictable weather. During the winter, they provide the perfect protection from the chilly outdoor air… Without taking a toll on your style. They’re also perfect for warm days, and look stunning when paired with jeans or even a dress. These are the favorite boots for Stockholm girls that also favor the cropped pant style, as its a comfortable complement to the look.

Image Credit: Mateja ŠkrabaShuning Liu, Sabrina, Uncommon Ground

Leigh Michael