Annie's wedding dress

teen rebel prefers classic wedding dress

Annie, a rebellious “rock” teen of the ’90s, sits sedately at the head of the wedding table. Illuminatingly radiant, she is clearly the center of attention. Annie beams a smile at a pair of her treasured guests, complimenting them on their attire. The bride approves.

Annie was never one to obsess about weddings, until she started planning her own, well over 18 months ago.  She wanted a timeless, classic, old world charm, far removed from wild teenage days.  She has grown into a fiercely independent, classy woman, who’s in no mood for youthful obstinacy, especially not today.

Early Inspiration

Her earliest inspiration of what her ideal wedding would be like started at the age of 13,  on the cusp of womanhood and independent rebellion. She remembers distinctly the fist time she watched Guns ‘N’ Roses’ quintessential November Rain film clip on MTV. She was in awe of the Carmela Sutera designs: the famous super short wedding dress, and the long, slender black velvet reception dress that Stephanie Seymour wore to perfection.  That day she swore that that was what her wedding day would look like, with or without lead singer Axl Rose. She wanted a “rock” inspired wedding, and she wanted THAT dress.

Years have passed, and Annie has mellowed somewhat, although the spark of rebellion can still seen in her fiery gaze.  Her passion for a Carmela Sutera wedding dress, her only wish since she was 13, was realised when she walked down the aisle in an original Carmela ivory satin organza gown. Her dress was surrounded by Italian silk and delicate trimmings of French lace, more classic Grace Kelly, then rock and roll “Gunners.”

Annie also wanted her guests to dress appropriately for the occasion, with a “black tie” event theme specifically requested in the wedding invitations. She wanted to ensure that her wedding guests reflected the classic ambiance of the evening, and the old world charm oozing out of the fully restored 1875 town hall, the venue for that night’s reception. Those few guests who dared to dress down, soon felt the heat of her ice blue eyes, and were met appropriately with a disapproving frown.

Annie once again quickly regains her composure, focused on the task at hand, the center of attention once more; the cutting of the cake!  Her hand is steady on the knifes hilt, drawing the knife cleanly downwards as the blinding assault of camera flashes startle her for the briefest of moments.  She scans the room, soaking the glorious history of the grand ballroom,  her beautifully attired guests adding the right sense and mood to the evening. She then closes her eyes, gently kissing her beloved…perfect!

Silvi B.