Holiday Looks

perfect fashion picks for every holiday occasion

The holiday season is undoubtedly the busiest time of the year for most women, leaving them with little time to cross everyone off their shopping lists, let alone analyze what the most appropriate outfits would be for the occasions they will be attending.
We did the time-consuming work for you and came up with options for every type of event you could possibly have on your radar this season. Check out our holiday fashion guide below to help you pick out and piece together the perfect looks that will make you shine all season long.

The Family Feast

While the arrival of the holiday season signifies good will and a spirit of giving, it also represents the arrival of good food, and lots of it! Even the most health-conscious of us will likely indulge in some sort of food-fest throughout the holiday season. Instead of shoving yourself into skinny jeans when your belly is filled with turkey or egg nog, be smart and dress for the occasion!

A flowy poncho paired with stretchy leggings, a statement necklace, and a pair of cozy moccasins is the perfect look to wear while enjoying an elaborate spread of holiday foods. With a stretchy elastic waist and vegan leather panels stitched into traditional legging material, this pair from Anthropologie is a favorite of ours because it provides room for expansion throughout the day but also presents a structured, clean look.

Rags Exchange Thanksgiving Dinner

La Fée Verte black legging

Poetry – Cashmere Poncho

The Chilly Outing

Ice skating, caroling, or strolling amidst the festive holiday lights are activities that many of us take part in each year, but it’s difficult to know how to dress accordingly when temperatures are frigid. While fashion glossies make it seem as though wearing a gauzy dress and heels while participating in outdoor activities this time of year is perfectly normal, our common sense tells us that it’s just not practical.

Instead of viewing the brisk air as a curse on fashionistas everywhere, we see it as the perfect excuse to pull out our favorite cold weather accessories. Show your love for accessorizing by adding cold weather separates and knee-high boots that coordinate in shade with a cozy wool dress in basic black or brown. Topping off the look with a boldly-hued piece like this lovely orange coat from Toast adds a pop of color against an otherwise neutral outfit.

When choosing the components of your ensemble, make sure to do more than look at what’s appealing to the eye. It’s important to choose insulating fabrics like wool and fleece to ensure maximum retention of body heat.

Rags Exchange Winter date

Toast coat

J Crew black dress

J Crew hat

The Professional Party

The “holiday work party” is perhaps the most challenging outing for which you will dress this time of year. While you may want to choose a sultry look for that cutie who works down the hall, remember you will also be mingling and mixing with your professional colleagues and superiors. The key to putting together the perfect outfit for this sort of occasion lies in finding a balance between professionalism and your favorite runway looks, avoiding nightclub attire but also staying away from pencil skirts.

Watch out for cleavage-bearing necklines and short hems, but also don’t show up in a turtleneck or a cardigan.We are huge fans of this shimmery dress because it oozes holiday charm with its intricate copper detailing, yet its knee-length cut is also conservative enough to wear around those with whom you work. Add a dash sparkle with vintage-style heels and a copper bangle, and top off the look with a touch of practicality by wearing a cropped blazer and toting a simple clutch.

Rags Exchange work party

ALDO evening clutch

Mirissa Dress

The Black-Tie Affair

While visions of strapless and sleeveless gowns are usually what come to mind when a host mentions the words “black tie” in an invitation, there are other elegant options available that won’t leave you shivering throughout the evening.

This sleek pick, available at Neiman Marcus, captures the sensuality of an evening gown with its plunging neckline and curve-skimming cut. However, it also caters to the practicality of the winter months with its long-sleeve, full-length style and weighty fabric. So as not to disturb the chic simplicity of the gown, it would look best if styled with simple, gold-capped heels and coordinating earrings.

Black Tie Rags Exchange

Twist jewelry

The Girls’ Night Out

You may have heard the outdated notion that being fashionable requires pain and sacrifice, but here at Rags Exchange, we don’t buy into that notion. While it’s no secret that most women want to ooze sex appeal when they go out with their girls on a Saturday night, exposing bare limbs and donning strapless mini-dresses when temperatures are only hovering above zero can be not only uncomfortable, but actually dangerous.

Wearing a form-fitting, long-sleeve shift like this body-con style from Urban Outfitters allows you to flaunt your greatest assets without developing a bout of pneumonia, and a gold long-strand necklace will bring out its intricate gold pattern.

Slipping on these holiday-inspired bow pumps is a warmer alternative to open-toed stilettos, while gold-flecked black tights can actually make your legs appear more toned and elongated than if you were to go for a bare-legged look.

Night Out Rags Exchange

Cecelia Bow Pumps
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