nonstop in New York

With New York City as her oyster, Lindsay’s life mirrors her urban hometown’s mantra: It’s a nonstop world, but it’s better that way.

After graduating from college, Lindsay was the anomaly in the difficult job market, fielding a number of different offers. She eventually opted for the position that she believed would be the most challenging, diving into her role as an investment analyst with relish. She possesses a no-nonsense attitude that shines through in a professional capacity, allowing her to tackle difficult projects without batting an eyelash.

Despite having little initial experience in the field, Lindsay’s inherent sense of perseverance enabled her to learn the ropes quickly. She loves the variety that her position offers, noting that she can pitch everything from 3D printing companies to big-name retail businesses to her investment team. There’s always work to be done – and Lindsay prefers it that way.

Attaining the Golden Work-Life Balance

Lindsay also has the unique ability to move seamlessly from one mindset to the next. Although her job requires demanding (and often irregular hours), she manages to balance work with pleasure… And master it without a hair out of place. It’s not unusual for Lindsay to leave her office, hop in the car, and meet her friends for a weekend camping trip while still sporting a chic silk blouse, immaculately pressed skirt, and patent heels.

With an appetite for adventure, Lindsay leaps at any opportunity that comes her way. She welcomes a busy schedule, and manages to explore the hidden gems of the city in despite her unfailingly packed workweek. Lindsay is the sort of person who isn’t ever afraid to try something new (She was the first person in her office to take advantage of New York’s Citi Bike program, unfazed by the city’s notoriously non-cyclist-friendly streets).

Lindsay’s style reflects a distinct Parisian twist. She spent a year in the City of Light, immersing herself in its history, culture, and language. In between taking lessons solely in French, sampling a rainbow of macarons, and getting to know the Louvre like the back of her hand, Lindsay also cultivated a très chic wardrobe. She favors clean lines and simple patterns, dressing them up with unique “little details” that make the article stand out. An understated shirt is embellished with a unique neckline; a classic dress has a dramatically sloped back. A minimalist at heart, Lindsay virtually never uses makeup – she claims that her mascara tube dates back to the Senior Prom – and can get ready in a matter of minutes. Her outfits are a seamless extension of her unruffled, coolheaded attitude.

Lindsay is a doer. In an era where we’re almost always plugged in, she has resisted getting Wifi in her apartment, explaining that she prefers to spend her time out of work exploring her city, rather than shutting herself away from it. For her, no moment is a dull one – because what’s the point of that?!

Leigh Michael