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music and fashion collide: how your sense of style reflects your taste in music

I love music, and in my opinion, the best way to experience it is at a live show. Listening to live music isn’t just an activity; it’s an experience. As a busy mother of two, I rarely have time to attend concerts, so you can imagine my glee as I packed up the family and headed to the Austin City Limits Music Festival this week.

Austin City Limits is a music festival of epic proportions. There are eight stages, hundreds of vendors, and droves of people.

One of my favorite things to do when immersed in a crowd of this magnitude is to “people watch.” My senses were on overload as I soaked in the scene.

The fashion on display was as diverse as the music. All of the major music genres were represented: country, rock, punk, and reggae. Some performers even combined music types to make eclectic mixes of their own. As I surveyed the crowd, I had to wonder why a person’s sense of style says so much about his or her taste in music.

Both music and fashion are excellent ways for people to express themselves. The right outfit, much like the right song, can make you feel happy, powerful, or relaxed.

Many people have favorite bands, much like others have a favorite pair of jeans.

Music and fashion are both forms of artistic expression. We use music in the same way that we use clothes and accessories. Perhaps the reason we can make assumptions about someone’s taste in music by looking at his or her outfit is because both music and fashion are outward expressions of how we feel inside.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself through music; remember that it says as much about you as the clothes on your back may reveal. If you find yourself in Texas in October, do yourself a favor and venture down to Austin for the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Here you will experience great music and even better people watching.

How are your tastes in fashion and music similar?