inspiration from the fashion runways of the street!

It is the time of the year for one fashion week or another, where designers along with their celebrity supporters, push their wears. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but as a Fashionista, what inspires me more than anything is the fashion I see on everyday women on the street!

The art and the beauty of what you decide to wear out on the street today is all about the mix – your individual, unique mix! It is a reflection of how you are feeling on the particular day along with any weather specific clothing that might be needed.

I am motivated by what I see on the street every day; it’s what made me love fashion in the first place and what got me into photography. I see wondrous creativity, displayed by so called “ordinary” women, and this is what drives my passion for design and fashion. There is nothing ordinary in what you wear, in fact it is extraordinary!

I see a sea of women, loving what they wear, walking the malls, sipping coffee in cafes, laughing at secret jokes. Mixing vintage with new, jeans with business jackets, juxtapositions of casual comfort with high fashion. There is inspiration everywhere you look, and you – you know I’m talking about you, right? – bring it in spades!

With so many unique wardrobes, a plethora of collected clothes, you will never (or rarely) fall into the faux pas of wearing exactly the same thing as the next person on the street. Unlike some of those red carpet stylists who select the same outfit for two different people on the same night, ouch!

I sometimes find “the runway look” too clinical, just too precise, manufactured. On its own it might be great, but you put 20 looks together from one designer and it all gets a tad boring.

However look at the runway of the street. Stand on any busy city corner and just observe.

From the back streets of Tokyo, Paris and New York, to the very street outside your front door in your own town, one can see the inspiration of individual style. For me this will never grow old. I will never tire of it, nor will my camera lens leave my eye. For me, this is where the magic of fashion happens.

As the dust settles from yet another fashion week, where dubious style is sold as the latest, “must have” and where commercialism is at the very core of the runway, my heart is glad that raw honesty, individual passion and style is alive on every one of you. For you are the true stylist, a leader, an empowered individual, who just makes the heart jump with joy, the one who turns heads and makes me say, “love the look!”

See you on the streets!

Silvi B.