globe trotting garb: French bohemian

When we consider French style, we tend to gravitate towards the Parisian chic that was cultivated by greats like Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton. It is all about clean lines, monochromatic colors, and elegant simplicity.

But there’s another side to French fashion – one that pays homage to the artists and writers, to the thinkers and dreamers. This spring, channel the French Bohemian style and embrace offbeat beauty!

hat The Hat

Vintage fedoras or trilbys are the signature of any outfit. The simple lines and timeless style will instantly add an element of high fashion to your ensemble.

Style Idea: Whether your hat is leather, suede or cloth, stick with solid colors (black or brown never fails to look stunning) and stay away from any patterned designs.




The Denim Jacket

Nothing adds an element of tomboy chic like a denim jacket. With its loose fit and timeless appeal, this becomes a staple in any closet.

Style Idea: When it comes to denim jackets, pre-loved is always the way to go. The more faded and worn, the stronger the impact your jacket will make. Wear it like a shrug (as you see in the photos) over a more tailored ensemble to add a wild element to your look.



striped shirtThe Striped Shirt

No French-inspired ensemble is complete without a dash of stripes. A cliche? Sure. But there’s a reason that stripes have followed the timeline of French fashion for over a century. Effortlessly chic and impossibly flattering, it’s a must for any outfit.

Style Idea: Opt for a wider neck, as you see in the photo. This flatters the neckline and keeps the stripes from looking like they’re constricting the body. Stick with a heavy cotton or a light linen to serve as the palette!



overallsThe Overalls

We’re stuck with the misconception that overalls aren’t flattering – but, paired with this simple ensemble, it makes a powerful and beautiful statement.

Style Idea: Overalls don’t have to be solely denim. Look for lighter hues, or even for a simple black linen ensemble. Not only is it impossibly comfortable: It will also look effortless, chic, and sexy.



bootiesThe Booties

What’s not to love about a pair of ankle booties? The low cut, paired with a slight heel, adds an element of femininity to any ensemble.

Style Idea: Sometimes, simplicity is best. Opt for a simple silhouette and a clean-cut design. It promises to make a powerful statement!

Leigh Michael