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fair weather friends: seasonal style around the globe

With autumn drawing to a close and New York Fashion Week come and gone, we can expect variations on a theme: wool jackets, elongating slacks, heavy knit sweaters and voluminous scarves always seem to wheedle their way into autumnal trends.

New York often feels like the epicenter of the fashion world – so much so that it’s easy to forget about styles that flourish in other pockets of the planet. Let’s take a look at a few fashions from all over the globe – and maybe even get inspired to expand our own wardrobe to encompass different cultures and trends!

  • In Buenos Aires, warmer temperatures begin to creep in come September. Often known as “Paris of South America,” this Argentinian city’s style contrasts strongly with the clean-cut nature of many current trends. Buenos Aires fashionistas aren’t afraid of bold patterns and bright fabrics. Ensembles are often a kaleidoscope of color, a mixture of different designs that feels bird-of-paradise-esque.

  • Tokyo is another city that doesn’t shy away from vivid style. Camo, polka dots and neon tones all converge to create ensembles that are a cocktail of different style eras. When combined, they make an iconic statement of their own. Sneakers are particularly popular in this Japanese city, and girly ankle socks accompany virtually any type of footwear. In Harajuku, this “cute” Lolita-inspired style is gaining momentum, and is favored by many teens and young adults.

  • Cape Town is experiencing a fusion of feminine and masculine styles. Women mix and match to merge ladylike elements with rugged ones. The result? Picture a form-fitting maxi dress with an oversized denim jacket, or athletic trainers paired with high waisted pants. Layers are integrated to create a multifaceted ensemble, complete with bevy of unique inspirations.

  • Even when the weather takes a turn for the chillier, Sydney’s style holds onto its ocean-inspired persona. Beachy, tousled hair is the norm – and it’s often paired with flowing clothes that look as stylish as they do comfortable. Big sunglasses are a constant accessory, even if the sun refuses to make its way out. In Australia, fashion revolves around fair weather – and when it’s gone into hiding for a few month, fashionistas dress to tempt cloudless skies and balmy temperatures back into the open.

This autumn, look beyond New York Fashion Week. Instead, get inspired by the multifaceted world of fashion that can be found in every corner of the earth… And celebrate that you’re a valuable part of it!

Image Credit: On the Corner, Tokyo Faces, Cinder & Skylark, Keishikibi

Leigh Michael