Dressing for date night

the 3 P’s of date night

That trepid day has arrived, your heart is beating, your breath is short and your palms are sweaty. It’s date night. The clock that was traveling forward, rushing in time, during your preparation for the date, is now frozen, refusing to advance. You check the clock to make sure it still works. Times up. You got to go now.

For most women, date night can be a mixture of excited anticipation and panicked mayhem, bordering on the catastrophic.

The devil is in the details and preparation is key, so if you want to bury those date night demons, remember the three P’s of dating: Planning, Presentation and Power.

Planning: This is all about getting your head in the right space for date night. The key is to not over-think or under-think.  Positive affirmation is good, but understand that human psychology is complicated and no matter how good you might feel about yourself (you look stunning, by the way) and the night, you cannot control the actions or thoughts of your date. So be realistic too, especially if you are in early phases of the relationship.

The classic little black dress

The classic little black dress

Presentation: This is the fun part! Dressing up for date night should be a highlight, and one that you are firmly in control of! Dressing for a date is part art, part self-expression and part self-control. Always ask: “What message does my clothing send to my admirer?” And never forget, if in doubt, the simple “little black dress” has been a “killer” for generations, and simple sophistication is always in style. Your clothing and personal style is all about you feeling confident, in control and empowered. Have fun with your accessories, your shoes and bag, as these can express your personality better than anything.

Power: Never forget; you are the one in control! Your dress and style strengthens your inner self. You are the center of attention (and potentially the center of affection), you are what date night is all about, so let him work for it!


Knock ‘em dead, girls!

Silvi B.