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Whew! It’s been a long winter, hasn’t it? Whether you’re celebrating the start of springtime with a fun getaway or are planning a summertime trip, there’s no better way to celebrate the warmer weather than with a rejuvenating great escape!

Below, we’re sharing some of the critical carryalls to make your trip sheer perfection. Equal parts practical, comfortable, and effortlessly chic, these will are vital ingredients to any vacation.

gucci clutch

The Clutch

Compact: If you’re tight on packing space, this is the perfect mate for you. You can load everything you need…. Without taking up a whole lot of room in your bag. It’s easy to hold lots of bills, coins, cards, and even a passport. With this clutch, you won’t have to fish around for cash or important cards… They’re all in one place!

Stylish: Leather adds a high-quality accent to your ensemble. It’s the details that count: and this is a stunning one.

Versatile: Whether you’re wearing zebra print or a dramatic black ensemble, a solid colored clutch will complement, not clash.


The Dress

Compact: Cotton or spandex material can look dazzling without wrinkling in your suitcase.

Stylish: A wrap dress or a button-front is timelessly sexy and is appropriate for virtually any occasion. This is a look that will never go out of style.

 Versatile: Think of it as the “jack of all trades” dress – you can wear it shopping or out to a fancy dinner. 


The Necklace

– Compact: Nothing is more packing-friendly than a piece of statement jewelry. Wear it on the plane, the bus, or in the car – it won’t take up an ounce of space in your bag.

– Stylish: This personal touch will add a hint of style to any ensemble – whether you’re wearing a tee shirt and jeans or a cocktail dress.

Versatile: Choose a necklace (or any piece of statement jewelry) that will complement any outfit. Packing a piece of jewelry that works well for any occasion will add a little something special to every ensemble.


The Scarf

– Compact: Cotton, wool, linen or cashmere won’t take up a lot of leg room… And it can be integrated into virtually any ensemble!

– Stylish: Scarves never fail to add that “special little something” to an outfit. It instantly adds a little sparkle to your look!

Versatile: Choose a muted color or simple pattern that will complement any ensemble. This is the perfect way to stay warm when a chilly night sets in!

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Leigh Michael