The Visual Genius: Leigh Michael


Leigh Michael

A native of New Jersey, I am a recent transplant to the West Coast who now refers to the Bay Area as home. While studying English and Photography at Bates College in Maine, I cultivated my passion for street style and fashion photography that you will see in my work with Rags Exchange. I also developed much expertise in endless winter weather and dining hall food, although I don’t know if I would call those passions. 

What intrigues me the most about fashion is the remarkable way that people use it in different ways to express themselves across the globe. In addition to being a writer and photographer, I am also a thrift store enthusiast and an avid traveler who loves exploring unique cultures and places that are off-the-beaten path.




The Vintage Enthusiast: Casey Lindberg-Coghill

Casey Lindberg-Coghill

Casey Lindberg-Coghill

Ever since I was a little girl slipping into the navy “church heels” in my mother’s closet, I have loved fashion. Never one to follow fads, my sense of fashion is based on personal expression rather than brand names or price tags. I gather inspiration for my own bohemian and vintage-inspired looks from watching vintage films, browsing through thrift stores, and paying attention to those whose styles aren’t the “norm.”

In addition to blogging for Rags Exchange, I am a Charlotte-based freelance writer and editor who also runs my own personal style blog, Veggies and Glitter. Before becoming a full-time writer, I was a high school English teacher in coastal South Carolina. When I’m not writing, you will probably find me reading, cooking, or exploring new restaurants and music venues with my husband. I hope that my blogs will provide you with inspiration to express yourself through your own original style and make your mark on the world.



The Californian Dreamer: Sierra Greenman

Sierra Greenman

Sierra Greenman

An ocean dreamer at heart and in real life, I am a self-made businesswoman, writer, and social media expert who loves living in sunny California. I thrive upon helping businesses from all over the world achieve their goals and fulfill their visions using social media platforms, writing, and smart business practices.

When I’m not sending out tweets and checking out social media sites, you will probably find me reading, writing, taking a new fitness class, or making trips to Utah or Arizona to spend quality time with my family. In the future, I hope to be able to expand the business I created and travel the globe doing what I do best, which is helping small businesses to succeed.




The High-End Fashionista: Silvi B.

Silvi_b_Final_smallFor over 10 years now, I have lived my passion for fashion. It consumes me. The very fire of style burns in my veins, with every living moment, every breath spent in pondering upon the very essence of design, the elegance of movement, and the tailored cut of luxury. With my gift for languages, my heightened sense of style and fashion paired with my degree in Business, I travel the world in search for the latest trends, the next big thing from the catwalks of Milan, to the streets Tokyo and walkways of Antwerp.

I trade and collect rare, important clothing pieces from the edgiest designers and the great houses of couture. I spend time talking to those who make and set the trend for tomorrow. I connect to those who wear fashion, not to be seen, but because they love what it represents.

I am Silvi B; Stylist. Fashionista. Consultant. Blogger. Historian. Collector. Reporter. Businesswoman.

 The Texas Rose: Kali J.

Kali J.

Kali J.

My name is Kali, and believe it or not, I didn’t develop a true zeal for fashion and accessories until I was in college. Ironically, I now feel like fashion is an integral part of who I am.

A current resident of Texas and a true country girl at heart, I studied Public Relations and Business at Gonzaga University and the University of Idaho. In addition to being a freelance writer, I am also a mom to two beautiful boys who keep me on my toes! When I’m not writing, you can usually find me at the park playing with my little guys or scouring out new restaurants and ways to stay active in my community.

The Budding Blogger

Brighid Klick

Brighid Klick

Fashion magazines ruled my life right up until college. Every month, I would tear up old issues and make collages, I posted tips and pictures all around my mirror, and spent hours on the weekend trying to put together cute outfits like the ones in my collages. This all changed when I started college and took up running.  Now, I’ve fallen into a fashion rut, often leaving the house in jeans and a sweatshirt with spandex on underneath so I can hit the gym after class. Through my posts on Rags Exchange, I am hoping to get back to my usual fashionable self and develop my own personal style in the process.

Beside blogging and fashion, my interests include old movies (big Hitchcock fan), the horror genre, knitting, and testing out new recipes, along with running. I am currently working on obtaining my history degree at the University of Michigan and writing my senior honors thesis on the women pilots of World War II. Post-college, I hope to travel the world and work in some area of the writing/publishing field.