your best accessory

I had a friend who had this gorgeous, freckly skin. A smattering on pinprick-sized dots ran over her nose and across her cheeks, making her look permanently sun kissed. They were exquisite, even enchanting.

And every single morning, she covered them up.

She artfully applied a layer of concealer so opaque that many people within our social circle weren’t even aware of the stunning freckles that hid beneath.

Life took us in different directions, and it wasn’t until a few years later that we saw each other again. When we did, the first thing that I noticed were her freckles. They blossomed over her nose and across her face… And she had never looked more beautiful in her life. I couldn’t help but exclaim my joy that she had finally decided to share her best personal accessory with the rest of the world, and I remember being struck by the smile that she gave me in response. It was confident and contented; finally, she had embraced the qualities that she had been given naturally, and it radiated from her.

Fashionistas are blessed to live in a world where millions of unique and fantastic accessories are at our fingertips. But while we focus on bright red lipsticks, leather leggings, chunky bracelets and brilliant earrings, we often forget about the best accessories that we already own – the ones that have never costed us a dime.

We are all blessed with unique qualities that make us stand out. Instead of shying away from these characteristics, own them. Don’t look in the mirror and see flaws – instead, see a one-of-a-kind type of beauty that can never be replicated. These qualities are what make you stand out from the crowd… And embracing and loving them will make you even more stunning than you already are.

Vivica Fox famously said, “It’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy,” just as Vince Lombardi proclaimed, “Confidence is contagious.” Your beauty is like a thumbprint – It’s totally unique from anyone else. By falling in love with yourself – distinctive characteristics and all – you are embracing you. And that is the most stunning accessory of all.

It took a few years for my friend to realize that her freckles were as much a part of her as her laugh, her compassion, or her sharp-witted personality. And they were more a part of her than the mascara she wore or the clothes she pulled on each day. And when she came to this realization, she blossomed.

Image Credit: Eden Some, Richard Doyle, FP Blog

Leigh Michael