For over ten years, I have lived out a passion for fashion that consumes me internally and exhibits itself externally. The fire of style burns even stronger in my veins with every moment spent pondering upon the very essence of design, the elegance of movement, and the tailored cut of luxury. Combined with my degree in Business, my gift for languages and my heightened sense of style have allowed me to travel the world in search of the latest trends. I am in constant search of the next big things to come from the catwalks of Milan, the streets of Tokyo, and the walkways of Antwerp.

Even my hobbies are inspired by fashion. Aside from writing about fashion, I trade and collect rare, notable clothing pieces from the edgiest designers and the greatest houses of couture. I spend time talking to those who innovate tomorrow’s trends. I connect to those who wear fashionable clothing not to be seen, but because they love what it represents.

I am Silvi B: Stylist. Fashionista. Consultant. Blogger. Historian. Collector. Reporter. Businesswoman.