Casey Lindberg-CoghillEver since I was a little girl slipping into the navy “church heels” in my mother’s closet, I have loved fashion. Never one to follow fads, my sense of fashion is based on personal expression rather than brand names or price tags. I gather inspiration for my own bohemian and vintage-inspired looks from watching vintage films, browsing through thrift stores, and paying attention to those whose styles aren’t the “norm.”

In addition to blogging for Rags Exchange, I am a Charlotte-based freelance writer and editor who also runs my own personal style blog, Veggies and Glitter. Before becoming a full-time writer, I was a high school English teacher in coastal South Carolina. When I’m not writing, you will probably find me reading, cooking, or exploring new restaurants and music venues with my husband. I hope that my blogs will provide you with inspiration to express yourself through your own original style and make your mark on the world.