Icelandic Style

a warm and whimsical Icelandic style

If you’re feeling cold just look to this gorgeous Icelandic style, which is just as much chic as it will keep you warm. Whether you plan on visiting Iceland or happen to live there, these local cultural fashionistas know how to mix vintage with the unique styles that are available to them there. The local artisans offer local whimsical designs that are unique to the region. If all of these pieces of clothing are combined to create the perfect outfit, one can keep warm and look whimsical simultaneously. Due to the cold climate it’s important to dress in multiple layers, and by doing so this keeps you warm. Dressing with more layers also allows you to experiment with the Icelandic style. Embrace this frigid climate and all that it offers because it is most certainly an adventurous and stylish location where fashion is yours for the taking.

Image Sources: Sarah Loves /Iceland Designs

Sierra Greenman